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MoRPHED Morphodynamic Model


Project maintained by morphed
Source code written by Alan Kasprak and Konrad Hafen
Funding provided by National Science Foundation

Morphodynamic Modeling for Gravel-Bed Rivers

The Model of Riverine PHysical form and Eco-geomorphic Dynamics (MoRPHED) computes sediment transport and channel evolution in gravel-bed rivers. Initially developed for braided rivers, MoRPHED simplifies sediment transport by mobilizing particles downstream according to a user-specified path length distribution . In effect, MoRPHED simplifies the numerical simulation of geomorphic processes, allowing longer simulations at better resolution.

How to use MoRPHED

Checking out the most recent branch of MoRPHED and building the source will provide a working version of the model. MoRPHED has been tested and built in Windows 7 and 8, but is developed in Qt and building on Linux should be possible with a few tweaks. See the included readme file for specific build instructions. MoRPHED integrates with the Delft3D hydraulic model , which can be built from source on your machine by visiting the Delft Website.

Authors and Contributors

MoRPHED was originally conceptualized and is written by Alan Kasprak, Konrad Hafen, and Joe Wheaton. Funding for the development of the model was provided by the National Science Foundation (Award #7086465). Extensive development assistance was provided by Philip Bailey (North Arrow Research), Matt Nahorniak (South Fork Research), James Brasington (Queen Mary University of London), and James Hensleigh, Sara Bangen, and Eric Wall (all of Utah State University). For more information, contact alan.kasprak@gmail.com

MoRPHED is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You're free to modify and share our work, so long as you (a) acknowledge our original contribution, (b) use the work for non-commercial purposes, and (c) promise to let others share any resultant modifications you make to our work. The full license is Available Here.

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